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customer service

After graduation has been engaged in market work, accumulated a good customer experience, has worked at two Fortune 500 companies, the modern enterprise management and marketing strategy have a deep understanding, practical work, high professionalism.I am adaptable, serious and responsible work, hard work. Well to work with superiors and colleagues, outstanding communication skills. Foreign trade, customer service, GA has some work experience in management. Work to fully understand cultural differences in different countries and regions, as full consideration and resolution of work problems, and satisfy customer needs. Proficiency in use of office equipment and software, in line with modern business requirements. Also be fluent in Japanese, English and two foreign languages ??for their daily work.Competent business assistant, documents with a single, logisticsNew Ideas On Wedding Favors , customs and other import and export related work, there are more than 5 years practical experience. Especially good adjuvant nature. Honest and humble, Polo Burberry serious dedicationEngaged in cross-industry group, the listed company's internal audit, financial audit, internal control and process auditing experience, good at their own situation, production and management and operational management of business processes and system construction, improvement and made ??recommendations for improvement. And there is a wealth of engineering experience at trial.* 12-y finance and accounting experience; 9-y managerial level experience;
* Up to 10 staff team handling experience;* Strong understanding and implementation experience in ERP system - local & international;
* Enterprise start-up experience;* Strong experience in Hyperion;
* Familiar with Chinese GAAP / US GAAP / IFRS;1 responsible, honest, cheerful, responsible for work completed on schedule or even ahead of schedule the task to be accomplished(2) have better interpersonal relationships, team spirit, to hard-working, in the capacity range, like to help others
3 professional issues, have their own opinions, like his study, and no, will take the initiative to ask someoneProfessional skills and expertiseSome Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas
Familiar with process control theory, can be a simple schematic design; of interest in PLC programming, control equipment can be simple to achieve; basic knowledge of analog and digital control of the more solid, common circuit able to read, are familiar with the various components of the function; basic circuit can be designed out,Polo Tommy
with their expansion, more perfect; familiar with basic programming on VB to compile their favorite things; to control the flexibility to design the interface design; familiar with common office softwarePractical work, steady, never give up, good communication, unfamiliar market development ability, the ability to highlight customer relations , sales of more than 8 years experience in the telecommunications industry, many times by the company awards!

Optical communication with the Chinese experience in corporate marketing executives

Telecommunications and IT software with rich technical background in international marketing professionals. Engaged in research and development in Huawei, China Mobile to start, expand international marketing headquarters http://www.cyberfoto.ploverseas markets, Hong Kong and Macao senior customer sales, marketing and project management of large projects, sales team management. A North American MBA students and work experience, who the United States, Canada, North America, long-term business visa to facilitate contact. .
1.8 years of foreign IT experience, including more than 6 years of branch management experience in IT operations and services;
2 familiar with operation and maintenance and IT outsourcing management, with the ITIL V3 (IT Service Management) International professional certification.
3 times the successful implementation of IT projects, the U.S. Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
4 good use of IT to optimize business processes, reduce operating costs.
5 strong communication skills , good integration of system resources and process improvement.5 years work experience, 4 years in Europe and foreign, fluent in English. Accumulated a wealth of metal, plastic, packaging materials, printing, plating, plastic, LED lighting and other aspects of supplier resources and channels, full of dedication and sense of responsibility and good team spirit.Through 6 years of professional work in the accumulation of ERP consultants, familiar with multiple ERP products, finance, logistics, production modules with a large number of successful experience in the implementation of different industries and types of companies, can propose appropriate solutions. Have good communication skills and project management control, can work under pressure.
Through more than a year of manufacturing enterprises, the enterprises to increase my understanding of the actual business processes, as the Party led the ERP project manager to complete the work on-line ERP system http://forums.fireflymediaserver.orgto enhance my ability to deal with practical problems in business, management ability and greatly improvedYear of experience in executive search consultant, negotiated a half months of the first offer, with a strong learning ability and implementation capacity; completed within 10 months total more than 30 million offer, the team at the forefront of performance, Delicate Wedding favors with excellent coordination, communication, persuasion, the ability to boot;
Able to withstand high levels of work pressure, with a separate discovery, analysis and problem-solving abilities;Ralph Lauren Italy
Good teamwork capabilities, full of strong sense of responsibility and professional conduct;
Channels for one year assistant experience, proficiency in written documents and departmental documents daily; promote channels of communication with distributors, channel manager to help complete the collection efforts in order to achieve the established sales tasks, understand basic financial knowledge, financial management software can be applied;
PI am a college students, name Geng fly. Graduated in 2010 (Anhui Institute of Industry Technology) Computer Network Engineering.New Ideas on Wedding Favors
My philosophy is: I am in the young season, willing to endure hardship involved, willing, through their own passionate, proactive effort to realize their own value and work to make the greatest contribution. As a beginner: I have a great ability to learn and willing to learn, dare to innovate, constantly striving for excellence; as a participant: I have an honest and credible character, full of team spirit; with things capable, Polo Ralph Lauren decisive style, good communication; have a strong endurance, willpower and hard-working quality, their job seriously, proactive, optimistic personality dedication, courage to face difficulties and challenges!ersonal mature, friendly, cheerful, optimistic, positive, meticulous work, patience, self-motivated, but the points about personal gains and losses

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English translation and so on

Passion, perseverance and patience shape me into an optimistic girl. During my four-year college life, I concentrated not only onnike trainer the study of my professional skills and knowledge but also trying to improve my abilitynike shox of communicating with others, which is the necessity of seeking a suitable role in the world full of fierce competition.
English is my strength. I can read, speak,write and listen fluently. I can skillfully use OFFICE, POWERPOINT and othercheap authentic nfl jerseys office microsoft.jerseys monster Career Objective:cheap nfl jerseys
A position related with my major such as English editor ,English translation and so on. I hope that i have the opportunity to make my share for you.Where will life take you?
A journey is not a trip
A Discovery

Good command of English

familiar with pragramming software such as VC++,VB,SQL-Server and other application software ,and have ability to read English material ,fluent spoken English. Highly efficient and accountable at work. Proactive attitude towards tasks and ed hardy clotheschallenges. Strong analytical skills and business awareness.ed hardy shirts Creative in problem solving. Ability to work efficiently under pressure. Good team player and capable team leadernike tn1. Persuasive communicator with an engaging relationship style.2. Able to maximize resources to increase productivity, meet deadlines and goals, and achieve customer satisfaction. 3. A proven problem solver that utilizes project management and able to use analytical and statistical skills to implement plans.4. Works well as both leader and member for the development of cohesive, productive teams.5. Able to work under pressure with concurrent tasks ed hardy
Three years overseas study experience, with part-time and holiday placements. Excellent academic records and broad social contactsnfl football jerseys. Good command of English. silence hill
never take our Freedom
celebrate our independence day

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The way I feel, my mission was completed,”

Silva was clearly a far better fighter than Maia, whose only hope of winning was to somehow get the fight to the ground and catch Silva in a submission hold. Silva was faster and could nearly land his punches at will. to one person you may be the world
He had a far more varied attack and broke Maia’s nose with a flying knee in the second.
The highlights for Silva, though, lessened as the fight wore on and he spent more time mocking Maia and making a jackass of himself. who is falling in love with my smile
His actions will have deep repercussions. For one, the fight was aired live in the U.S. at 1 p.m. ET, but was still going to be replayed in its normal pay-per-view time slot beginning at 10 p.m. ET.Fans who may have purchased the fight in its normal slot likely didn’t buy it after catching word of Silva’s antics.Even more, Silva did the same thing at UFC 90 and then had a lackluster performance at UFC 97. Stray birds of summer come to my window
White glared at Silva as Silva answered questions from the media. Clearly, Silva’s words did not soothe his boss’ feelings. vagrant of the world
“I’m more unhappy than I was when I walked in the door,” White said after hearing Silva’s lame answers at the news conference. “That’s why I ended the news conference. I couldn’t stand to listen to that [expletive] any more.”
Silva cost himself a big chunk of his reputation as well as a lot of money. He lost the respect of the ownership of the UFC, who were embarrassed in front of their new partners, the investment group from Abu Dhabi who bought a reported 10 percent of the company.
He may have lost his status as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world.
He lost his opportunity to drop to welterweight as he said he wanted to do before the fight and challenge 170-pound champion Georges St.
“He doesn’t deserve to fight GSP,” White fairly spat.Early in the news conference, White said Silva might become the first champion to fight on the preliminary card.Wherever he fights, Silva had better pray that White stacks the card with a lot of fights people want to see.
Because if Anderson Silva is the main attraction, don’t be shocked if the fans stay away in droves.
UFC terminates Lucio Linhares’ contract following back-to-back losses
The Ultimate Fighting Championship has terminated the contract of middleweight fighter and M-1 Challenge veteran Lucio Linhares.
today learned of the termination from a source close to the fighter.
Linhares, who entered the UFC with a five-fight win streak that included notable wins over Karl Amoussou and Sean Salmon, went 0-2 in the UFC.The Brazilian fighter made his promotional debut at UFC 107 in December and suffered a submission loss (via heel hook) to Rousimar Palhares. In his following fight, which came this past week at UFC Fight Night 21, a ringside physician cut short his night and awarded opponent Yushin Okami a second-round TKO victory due to Linhares' cuts and possible facial injuries.
The UFC picked up Linhares after the demise of Affliction Entertainment, where he had been scheduled to fight Mikhail Zayats in August. After the company closed its live-events division, the bout was moved to an August "M-1 Global: Breakthrough" a few weeks later. Linhares scored a 60-second submission win and earned a UFC contract shortly after.
With his UFC release Linhares will now look for work elsewhere. His career mark stands at 13-6, and eight of his past nine wins have come via stoppage.(Pictured: Lucio Linhares)Check out more UFC News at This story originally appeared on and is syndicated on Yahoo! Sports as part of a content-partnership deal between the two sites.
Team Liddell blog: Brad Tavares on episode No. 2 of “The Ultimate Fighter 11”

Team Liddell blog: Brad Tavares on episode No. 2 of “The Ultimate Fighter 11”

What's up I'm back for the second week of my "The Ultimate Fighter 11" blog, and I hope you guys enjoyed the first edition.I got a lot of positive feedback on the first blog, so I definitely appreciate you guys reading and responding. where? when? who?
Now the second episode opens with us pulling up to "The Ultimate Fighter" house. It was directly after the preliminary round fights, so everybody was still pretty pumped up about their wins. Some guys were hurting a little more than others, but everyone was happy to be there.
When we pulled up to the house, a lot of guys sprinted up the stairs to get a room. I thought to myself, "I'm going to get a bed no matter what," so I was honestly the last one to walk up to the house. I really didn't care. what do you think about them in NBA?
I kind of wanted to be in the same room or near the same room with Jamie Yager, Kris McCray and Kyle Noke because I had kind ofAre you happy??? already made friends with them. We still didn't know what the teams were going to look like, but I got along with those guys pretty well early on.
When I got up there, it was Yager and McCray in a room. The bedrooms were two to a room in one side of the house. In the other side of the house, there were like five beds in one room and a little fireplace and a wall separating the other two beds in that room. So there were seven beds in one big room. I knew I didn't want to stay on that side. That's too many people in a little space. discuss my future
While I was the last one in the house, not all of the beds had been taken, so I found one that worked for me. I ended up staying in a room with Nick Ring between Yager and McCray and Noke and Kyacey Uscola. The reason why I chose my bed was not only was it near my boys, but because B.J. Penn's picture was right there on the wall. I figured I might as well sleep right under a fellow Hawaiian. It was like he was looking over me. It was pretty cool.It also ended up working out because Court McGee ended up in the big room, and Court McGee turned out to be the worst snorer in the world. I'm glad I didn't get in that room!As for the house itself, I walked in, and I was like, "Wow. This is a big, nice house."you will be strong It was really big and spacious compared to where I was living before. I guess every couple of seasons they switch up the house. Our house was the same house they used for "The Ultimate Fighter 7: Team Forrest vs. Team Rampage," the season that Amir Sadollah won, and they tore the house up. That's when they ripped the banister down and all that crazy stuff.he only thing I wished we had was a basketball court. I was so looking forward to that. I thought, "Oh, I'll be able to pass the time easily with a basketball court. I'll go out there and shoot some hoops, play some games with the boys." But we walked in there, and I went to go look for it, and it wasn't there.
The first night was pretty laid back. Everybody pretty much got along. We were all just hanging out all over the place because we wanted to use everything that was there: the pool table, shuffleboard. We all ended up in the hot tub eventually. And because we had all just fought, now we could all eat. We opened up the refrigerator, and it was full of food, so we just starting cooking random things. It was pretty fun. It was like kids in a candy store.

Self Assessment

Possess the certificate of ISCM from APICS, skilled at integrated supply chain management and purchasing model of Monzcka; discount wedding gowns
Posses the certificate of TEM Level 8, fluent in English and excellent communication and presentation skills;Team worker and leader-Understand PMP, ISO9000&14000, SAP and skilled at reading and illustrating technical drawing/requirements;Good business sense with strategic and analytical thinking.Fast learner, result oriented and skilled at problem solving. Career Objective:Responsible for developing LCR supplier base toblog wedding dresses 2010 support platform operations. Create and manage LCR commodity strategy to meet platform Q, D, C goal. Support products design team, CPD, RCC and team in the U.S. Identify, develop & qualify suppliers in China and other discount wedding prom dressesAsian countries to support the commodity LCR sourcing strategies. Monitor and communicate current commodity market conditions, technology roadmaps, and identify supply/demand challenges. Optimize supply base and manage suppliers’ performance for both in house and OEM executions. Achievements: 1).Source and qualify LCR suppliers to meet the requirements of project transferred from HCR, achieved 51% down in price averagely, $1.2m favorable PPV in wedding dresses 2010discount wedding prom dresses
2).Consolidate suppliers, VA/VE, negotiate agreement, DBS introduction to supplier, etc. to get favorable PPV $0.4m yearly. 3).Introduce VMI and prolong payment term and/or P-card introduction to meet the target of DPO successfully in 2009. 4).Identify and develop OSP suppliers to maximize productivity through total cost of ownership, introduce and negotiate stocking program/VMI to reduce inventory from $3.3m to $1m, lead time improved from 105 days to 60 5).Benchmark to negotiate an umbrella competitive agreement with OSP suppliers to achieve cost reduction 3% year over year, $0.36m averagely.